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Crowd-producing phases

Two ways of participating in TVU’s Backlot Hollywood Talent Search and crowd-producing adventure:


As an audience member you can watch, follow and vote during the process of selecting participant scripts, directors, actors and other creative artists needed to produce television and film.


As a project-participant you can submit completed screenplays, director reels, actor reels, music compositions, etc.


Selected project-participants will receive ownership of the projects produced for licensing purposes based on an agreed production-ownership breakdown in addition to potential representation for future work.


Phase 1:


TVU will solicit short-format film scripts, 19 pages or less. We will consider drama, comedy, horror, and suspense. In our attempt to limit material we receive, any genre may be considered provided the story is micro-budget-minded with “action” kept between the characters, their dialogue and the natural environment. Episodic productions will be considered though initially only pilot episodes will be considered for production. TVU and related industry professionals will choose 3 finalist scripts.  Selected writers will be invited to create a video-pitch for their script to be voted on by the audience. 


Phase 2:


TVU will solicit director and actor reel submissions.  TVU and related industry professionals will select finalists in each category to be voted upon by the audience.


Phase 3:


TVU and related producers will produce the chosen project with the audience-selected script, director and actors.


Phase 4:


TVU will solicit and evaluate submissions for music and overall sound design related needs.  The project-production team will choose final post production participants.


Phase 5:


TVU and related producers will seek marketing and monetization opportunities to exhibit the completed project on all available screens.


Phase 6:


TVU and project-participants will evaluate BLH’s process and advise process adjustments.


Any and all revenue will be dispersed according to predetermined ownership splits.


Phase 1 will be repeated in another location. Participant-partners may be retained for future industry work.

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